Ever wonder why some roofs color looks a little off but then at a 2nd glance it looks normal? A common problem with the aesthetics of a roof is a roofing term named Color Shading. While it may create an unappealing roof visually color shading does not effect the performance or life expectancy of a shingle. But what is color shading?

Color Shading – As a roof is viewed from different angles, and/or under different lighting conditions, some areas may appear darker or lighter. This inconsistency in color is commonly called shading.

What Is Color Shading?

Shingles with black/darker color are the most common shingles to experience shading issues. The same way a black t shirt or a black car with show more marks/wear than a silver or red colored car, the same logic applies to asphalt shingles installed on your roof. To combat this many manufacturer’s “colors” are really a “blend” of several colors to mask the differences and create a more coherent look to your roof. Stains can also occur from several different reasons (ex: stored incorrectly), but generally this will naturally wear off and look more consistent.

Some great tips on reducing the chances of this happening from IKO’s Residental Homeonwner frequently asked questions page are listed below. Check out their page, “17 Facts & Tips on How to Pick Roof Shingle Colors” as well for even more advice on the color selection process.

Q: What can I do to reduce the potential for shading?

A:  To reduce the potential for shading:

  • Do not mix shingles with different production codes on the same roof.
  • Make sure you follow the application instructions provided on the shingle wrapper, and also available on this web site.
  • Apply the shingles starting from the bottom of the roof and move across and up.
  • Use blended shingle colors instead of solid colors.
  • Do not stack shingles higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not store shingles for long periods of time.

Hopefully this helps you out as a homeowner to understand the your home better and moving forward help a neighbor if they ask you, what is color shading? We will continue posting more blogs Homeowner Education – not only for purchasing a new roof or repairing your home, but preventative maintenance and general knowledge as well. In the mean time, check out these 5 Essential Safety Items You Need To Have In Your Home, as the boy scouts motto goes – BE PREPARED!

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