Disasters and life can hit you at any time, and while All Storm Solutions is here to repair your home after a big storm hits it is important to be prepared for the storm itself – or worse. We came up with a short list of 5 safety items you need to have in your home, that will ensure you and your family will be prepared. Check out our list and details below, share your own in the comments!

Obviously every situation is different and depending on the type of housing you live in, what type of disaster hits, and much more. Use our list of 5 safety items you need to have in your home as a guideline in creating your own recuperation list. Don’t go overboard in thinking the world will end – but as the boy scout’s motto goes: “BE PREPARED”.

  1. Fire Extinguisher
  2. Smoke/CO2 Detector
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Escape Plan
  5. Disaster / GO Bag

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Fire Extinguisher – an invaluable tool that every homeowner, renter, and couch crashing friend should have and know where it is. We take it for granted but a fire extinguisher can be the difference between saving your home from burning down and even life or death when help has not yet arrived. Watch a YouTube video on how to operate the extinguisher if you are unsure – be sure to replace it every few years, they do expire! You can find a fire extinguisher at pretty much any major home goods store such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menards.

5 Safety Items You Need to Have In Your Home

Smoke/CO2 Detector – you can’t be everywhere in your home at once, but detectors can. Prevent disaster before it compounds – whether it be smoke from a fire starting or a gas leak that can lead to massive collateral damage. Every home and apartment should just have these installed by default and per code, but that doesn’t stop units from breaking, batteries from dying, or other unforeseen complications, check your units every few months. Your choices vary greatly in features in combinations when shopping for a smoke and/or CO2 detector – check out this purchase guideline from safewise.com.

First Aid Kit – this should be a basic requirement for any family and/or household. Outside of your normal band-aides and cold medicine you should have a universal first aid kit that can assist in a variety of different situations. As always a first aid kit will not and does not replace proper EMT medical treatment when required, but can be the difference in keeping an injury from becoming a dire situation. You can easily build your own First Aid Kit or simply purchase one from most retail stores, either way make sure you have everything you need by sticking to the Red Cross’s Anatomy of a First Aid Kit.

Escape Plan – discussing plans and ideas with your family is never a bad idea, especially when it involves preventing potential death in unforeseen circumstances. Knowing not only what to do but where to go or meet –  is vital for every household to have a unified plan. Having a plan for a fire, earthquake, or even a flood (depending on your region) is an essential key to keeping you and your family safe during any unexpected disaster. The National Fire Protection Association has a detailed page to Basic Fire Escape Planning – check out their PDF of a sample escape plan so you can better assist your family’s specific plan.

5 Safety Items You Need to Have In Your Home

Disaster / GO Bag – causing worry for homeowners is not our intention but sometimes you need to leave your home and abandon your dwelling, but if prepared this can a manageable stress/situation. This is a rare last resort scenario and unless a zombie apocalypse happens, majority of people don’ need to worry about this for now. The U.S. Government has a public service campaign at Ready.gov that helps citizens be informed and prepared for a variety of situations from Active Shooters to Space Weather and of course, regular weather! A great universal resource on their site is a simple Build-A-Kit guideline for the basic items you need in your Disaster / GO Bag.

Let us know in the comments what you think of our 5 Safety Items You Need to Have In Your Home – what you would change or what you like. Every situation is different and calls for different things – use your best judgement and stay safe! As always, feel free to contact us anytime to speak to us about coming out to take a look at your home’s integrity!