Roof Repair Tips: Maintenance Edition

Roofers making repairs for the roof to keep it in good shapeRegular Maintenance Can Keep You From Needing Costly Roof Repairs

You’ve made a huge investment in your home, so making sure that the home stays intact is one of the biggest interests that you have. We all know the signs of something going wrong in our home – drains slowing down, odd sounds, spots on the ceiling, and the list goes on. Taking care of your roof is taking care of the rest of your home. The roof (along with the walls) protects everything inside of your home, your loved ones included. Roofs can sometimes come with their own warranties that are separate from the homes that they cover! While taking care of your roof may sound like a tedious task that should be reserved for the laziest days, it can have long-term pay-offs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Unless you are a professional, it is safe to say that you will not really know whether or not your roof is in perfect condition. Having someone there to help you understand what you see, and small dangers that you may not see is essential to the care of your home, and the longevity of your roof. Should anything be in need of repair, a roof care specialist will also be available to give you a rough estimate of the price of fixing your roof.

Trim Trees Hanging Over Your Roof

It looks lovely, even romantic, to have a tree giving your home shade. Some think this may protect their home from weather and the harsh rays of the sun, but those protections are why you have a roof in the first place. Contrary to many people’s instincts, having a tree, any tree, within close proximity to your home is a dangerous undertaking. Your beloved tree can scrape and weaken shingles, putting your home at risk for leaks, or be knocked into your home during a severe storm, which could bring thousands of dollars in damages with it. Lovely though it may look, you should always make sure that your trees don’t have access to the roof of your home.

Keep Gutters and Vents Clean

During autumn, when leaves and branches are falling and landing anywhere they can, you may find a couple of handfuls in your drain. Why would this be a problem for your roof? Leaves can clog gutters, which can clog those waterways, causing water to back up, and pool right at the edge of your roof. Water backup, even in colder months, encourages the growth of mold and moss, both of which are damaging to roofs.

Clean Moss and Mold from Your Roof

Several companies make and sell products specifically for cleaning mold and moss from roofs. You can get them from a your local home improvement store. Once you’ve carefully gotten to your roof, make sure that you spray your roof, and that you have a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the unsightly mold. Mold and moss can both damage your roof shingles, but can also be easily removed. After you scrub away the mold and moss from your roof, you can use water to rinse the rest down the drain.  Taking care of your roof is one small step in a long, happy life in your home.

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  1. Alexandria Martinez Reply

    My fiance and I just recently found out that we would benefit from getting a roof replacement on the home that we just moved into. We were not expecting this and do not want to go through this again so any tips to keep our roof well maintained would be helpful. I like your advice to clean mold and moss off and we will certainly look for this.

  2. Donald R. Murray Reply

    I agree that you should always have a contractor check things out before you make up your mind about getting a roof replaced or repaired. We are not always experts so it’s good to have a real opinion about it. Maybe they would save you lots of money by checking out your roof first!

  3. Gerty Gift Reply

    I liked what you had to say about trimming any trees that are hanging over the roof. We have a large tree that has been growing more over our house and we have been talking about getting it trimmed because of safety for our children. This has given us another reason to have it trimmed. Thank you for your advice.

  4. Gary Puntman Reply

    I like that you recommended having your roof inspected. I will have to do this as the weather warms up. I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever had my roof inspected. This will help me see if there are any leaks or shingles that need to be replaced because I don’t know how to determine this on my own.

  5. Todd Stauffer Reply

    I like how you said that unless you have a roofing repairs service with you there probably aren’t high chances that you will know if it is in good condition. My wife and I are definitely one of those couples that have no idea when our roof is good to go or not. We’ll have to look into hiring someone to help ensure that we don’t spring any leaks.

  6. Bethany Birchridge Reply

    I knew that I needed to clean out my gutters, but I had no idea that I also needed to clean my roof, as moss and mold can grow on it. I’ll be getting a new roof soon, as my shingles are beginning to curl. I’ll be certain to clean my new roof. However, my back is bad, so are there companies that can clean it for me?

  7. RoofingWashingDC Reply

    Maintenance is vitally important if you want to keep your roof in good shape and from needing costly roof repairs. Regular roof inspection and maintenance helps you save money, time and headaches. This article is definitely useful to every homeowners.Thank you for sharing remarkable tips and keep writing!

  8. Roofingwhiteplains Reply

    This is some helpful piece of information here. Those roofing issues can actually be prevented. It is vital that a homeowner can schedule a regular roofing inspection with a professional roofer to identify signs of roof damage and prevent these from becoming major roof issue. It’s great that you have shared these here with the best tips on how to fix these problems. Thanks and keep writing!

  9. Aleshire Mueller Reply

    It would have been nice if I was able to read this article earlier and learned that having a tree looming over the house can pose troubles for the roof because of the possibility of the branches damaging it. Like other people, I used to think that having a tree near the house is a good idea. But that was until one of the branches broke a couple of shingles. I’ll call a professional to fix the issue, then I will have the branches of the tree removed.

  10. Ken Hwan Reply

    I never knew that if a tree overhanging your roof could lead to damaging your shingles and scraping your roof! My brother recently moved into a house that has a lot of trees on its property, and I don’t want my brother’s roof to get any scratches. I will be sure to suggest to him that he invests in getting a roof cleaning company access the potential risk of the trees in his yard!

  11. Penelope Smith Reply

    This is some really good information about keeping your gutters clean. It is good to know that it would be smart to have moss cleaned off your roof. I didn’t realize that moss can create such damage to a roof.

  12. Lilia Robberts Reply

    I’ve recently moved into a home that is older. Lately, I have been wondering if my roof is still good. Thank you for letting me know that a roof inspector can tell me if it needs repairs. I’ll need to find a great roofing company to help me accomplish my roofs safety.

  13. Sarah Smith Reply

    You did a great job of explaining why having a tree close to your house is detrimental to your roof. I didn’t realize that trees can cause leaks by scraping and weakening shingles. We might need to contact a tree trimming service after we get the roof repaired by a qualified roofer.

  14. Marcus Coons Reply

    I totally agree with you in that it is important to have a specialist inspect your roof often. It is important to understand that comparing several companies can help you find the best way to get the roof you need. Personally, I would want to read online reviews when choosing a roofer to help me.

  15. Mark Murphy Reply

    I really appreciate your tip to try and keep your gutters and vents clean! My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new house. If we do get the new house, I will be sure to keep the gutters clean!

  16. Gary Puntman Reply

    I’ve actually never had my roof inspected before. It’s good to know that this is actually important for detecting any danger to your home though. It sounds like it would help me maintain my roof and make it last longer as well. I’ll definitely have to start doing a yearly inspection.

  17. Joy Butler Reply

    I love how you said that your home is one of your biggest investments to highlight how important it is to take care of it. I think that roofing can be sometimes overlooked, but it is so important to keep in check. I will have to remember this as I move into a new home next spring.

  18. Ellie Davis Reply

    I really like that you suggest that having somewhere there to inspect the roof is the best way to catch anything that may be wrong with it. I think there may be a leak in my roof and I want to find a roofer to come and inspect it and fix it. Hopefully, I can find the best roofer in my area.

  19. Sherry Gajos Reply

    I really liked what you said about maintaining your roof by getting it regularly inspected by a professional. My husband and I just replaced our roof last year, but with the big storms in our area, I want to make sure it stays in good repair. Thank you for the information about how a roof care specialist can be available to give me a rough estimate on the price of fixing my roof should there be a need.

  20. Seamless Gutters Spring Tx Reply

    Roof leaks are sadly very common with older homes. I recently bought a turn of the century house, and I find that it leaks during every large rain storm. The first tip you shared about checking around things that penetrate the roof to prevent leaking is a very smart thing to do. Nick

  21. Mark Reply

    I never knew that moss and mold can grow on the leaves in your gutter if you let them build up! My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new house with a yard that has a lot of big trees, and we don’t want any of the leaves to cause damage when they fall down. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should try and check for leaves in our gutter when autumn rolls around!

  22. Sarah Smith Reply

    I appreciate your information that we should have a roofing repair specialist assess our roof so we can be protected from the small dangers that can become large problems. We have had that happen in our old house, where we didn’t realize there was a problem with our roofing until there was a large spot of mold in the upstairs bedroom. My husband and I will start looking into roofing repair services in our area to check our roof on a consistent basis.

  23. Taylor Bishop Reply

    Thanks for this advice for maintaining a roof. I didn’t know that you should try to have your roof inspected professionally because they can probably see small dangers you may not be aware of. I’m interested to learn if you should get your roof inspected every time after a major storm.

  24. Millie Hue Reply

    Thanks for helping me understand that leaving the gutters clogged and uncared for might lead to mold growth especially in cold months. I guess I would have to hire a professional to check our gutters for us because it might have those already. Ever since we moved into this property back in 2017, we never had it serviced or cleaned because it does not show any issues due to not having trees over the roof. Meaning, there are no leaves that can clog it. However, molds might not be prevented especially that we don’t clean it.

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