Roofer doing regular maintenance on roof to keep it in good shape

Saving on Roof Repair is Easier than You Think

For many people across the nation, having to eventually replace the roof on their home is a painful and expensive reality: the lifespan of roofs on homes is usually about twenty years. Twenty years is, of course, a significant amount of time, but when you’re living your life and enjoying your home, those twenty years can fly right by. Your roof protects you, your assets, and your largest asset, your home. Roofs also protect your vehicles and that powertool collection that you love to show off to the neighborhood. All of these things that you care for can be compromised if you roof begins to leak or sink, but there is good news: maintaining your home’s roof is as easy as it is relatively inexpensive. Little things that you can do every once in awhile can end up saving you thousands of dollars later down the line.

Have Your Roof Inspected

While this really should be reserved for times when you think that your roof may actually have problems, another good time to use this option is when shopping for a home. New constructions are not a concern, but even a ten-year-old home has endured some extreme weather, and may be in need of minor repair. For a few hundred dollars, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you reached out to a professional who is there to help you. A professional roof inspector will be able to tell what specifically can be done to preserve your roof, or if it is time for you to consider replacing it entirely.

Install Gutters, and Keep them Clear of Leaves and Debris

The gutters on your home are made to catch precipitation, and funnel it away from essential parts of your home. Other parts of your home, such as the basement, and the siding, can be affected by a clogged gutter, but the damage can also reach upward: prolonged contact with precipitation, caused by gutters that have been clogged with leaves and debris, can rot your roof. Make sure your gutters are clear and clean.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches

Tree trimming is something that should be left to a professional, but some feel confident enough in their own abilities. Trimming the branches of trees on your property makes your roof more difficult for squirrels to access your roof, where they may chew on the shingles, and leave behind debris that could damage your roof. With branches that are at least ten feet from the roof of your home, you will be able to enjoy all of the beauty of your trees while protecting your home.

Clean Your Roof of Snow and Ice

Simple as it sounds, you may be able to adequately protect your roof by simply raking ice and snow off of it. Try to avoid raking the ice and snow into the gutters, as the snow will take you back to square one of keep it clear in the event of rain, and ice can cause even more serious blockage than leaves. Snow, ice, and hail are notoriously dangerous to property in general, as they are heavy, and can linger for long periods of time before melting. For these reasons, it’s important to be proactive with your roof care, and to be especially mindful of your roof during winter.