Roofers making repairs for the roof to keep it in good shape

Regular Maintenance Can Keep You From Needing Costly Roof Repairs

You’ve made a huge investment in your home, so making sure that the home stays intact is one of the biggest interests that you have. We all know the signs of something going wrong in our home – drains slowing down, odd sounds, spots on the ceiling, and the list goes on. Taking care of your roof is taking care of the rest of your home. The roof (along with the walls) protects everything inside of your home, your loved ones included. Roofs can sometimes come with their own warranties that are separate from the homes that they cover! While taking care of your roof may sound like a tedious task that should be reserved for the laziest days, it can have long-term pay-offs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Unless you are a professional, it is safe to say that you will not really know whether or not your roof is in perfect condition. Having someone there to help you understand what you see, and small dangers that you may not see is essential to the care of your home, and the longevity of your roof. Should anything be in need of repair, a roof care specialist will also be available to give you a rough estimate of the price of fixing your roof.

Trim Trees Hanging Over Your Roof

It looks lovely, even romantic, to have a tree giving your home shade. Some think this may protect their home from weather and the harsh rays of the sun, but those protections are why you have a roof in the first place. Contrary to many people’s instincts, having a tree, any tree, within close proximity to your home is a dangerous undertaking. Your beloved tree can scrape and weaken shingles, putting your home at risk for leaks, or be knocked into your home during a severe storm, which could bring thousands of dollars in damages with it. Lovely though it may look, you should always make sure that your trees don’t have access to the roof of your home.

Keep Gutters and Vents Clean

During autumn, when leaves and branches are falling and landing anywhere they can, you may find a couple of handfuls in your drain. Why would this be a problem for your roof? Leaves can clog gutters, which can clog those waterways, causing water to back up, and pool right at the edge of your roof. Water backup, even in colder months, encourages the growth of mold and moss, both of which are damaging to roofs.

Clean Moss and Mold from Your Roof

Several companies make and sell products specifically for cleaning mold and moss from roofs. You can get them from a your local home improvement store. Once you’ve carefully gotten to your roof, make sure that you spray your roof, and that you have a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the unsightly mold. Mold and moss can both damage your roof shingles, but can also be easily removed. After you scrub away the mold and moss from your roof, you can use water to rinse the rest down the drain.  Taking care of your roof is one small step in a long, happy life in your home.