Now that you’ve signed a contract, chosen your colors, and set a date for your build – it’s time to start preparing for your homes build. Depending on the scope of your job and where things are being worked on, there are some steps you can take to make the entire process more streamlined and easier on both yourself as a homeowner and the crew working on your home. If you haven’t picked out colors yet – check out our simple Certainteed Landmark Color page or check out the website for even more details!

As you can imagine when replacing an entire roof on your home causes quite a commotion both outside and inside. Unexpected problems may arise as apart of the normal build process but we have collected a detailed list of things you can do to avoid some problems all together and minimize the potential rise of other issues. Preparing for your homes build helps out everyone who is involved in the project.

In general, here is what you can expect from a typical build:

  • Hazardous Area – waste will be thrown off the roof to be collected for disposal along with other debris that might fall due to a tear-off and replacement, if you are home we recommend staying inside or away from your home for the duration of the build.
  • Home Vibration – both roofing and siding projects will cause a significant amount of vibration on the walls of your home.
  • Noise – hammers, saws, nail guns, and much more, it will be loud.
  • Waste Disposal – a truck or large garbage bin will be on or next to your property to collect & dispose of waste generated from job.
  • Weather Delays – weather will delay things if it is raining/snowing/too windy, it is unfortunate but Mother Nature is out of our control.

Preparing for your homes build is fairly simple regardless of what sort of project you are undertaking. All we ask is that you keep the work area clean and clear ahead of time for our crews, along with protecting any valuables in the interior of your home.

Some of these precautions listed below:

  • Move anything that is not built-in, away from the house
    • Clear deck of any lawn furniture, grills, hanging plants etc.
  • Please have grass recently manicured as to allow for proper cleanup of nails and any generated debris
    • If you have any pets, please make sure lawn is clean & clear allowing crew to walk throughout yard
  • Make sure crew has clear access to dumpster, job site, and supplies that have been delivered.
  • Depending on the location & scope of your project, remove your car from driveway or garage and park on the street for the duration of the build
  • Please remove any valuables from the interior of your house such as pictures, shelves, china cabinets, etc. This will prevent any breaking to due vibrations caused by the nailing and pounding of the application of your new shingles, siding, and gutters.

Roofing Projects

  • Please schedule for satellite dish provider to arrive in afternoon to reinstall dish if on roof
  • If you store valuables in your attic you may want to cover or remove them, sometimes small pieces of wood or nails fall through small gaps in the wood on your roof
  • The same precaution should be taken with any automobiles or vehicles in your garage or driveway

Siding Projects

  • Due to the vibrations from nailing, circuit breakers may be tripped. Should you lose power, so not be alarmed, check your circuit breaker.
  • As mentioned above, please remove any valuables or pictures from your walls.

Vibrations during construction can cause nail pops in drywall. This is an unfortunate part of the construction process and can be caused by improper drywall screws or nails being used to install drywall originally or loose drywall, etc. All Storm Solutions does not assume responsibility for any nail pops due to this.

Preparing for Your Homes Build

By following these steps you can get a head start on preparing for your homes build and  keep the disruption to your home/property to a minimum.  Please feel free to call your field representative should you have any questions or concerns on any of the information listed above or anything else – remember customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

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