We would like to introduce a new series of blogs we will be putting out, “Get To Know Our Team”. We want to put out some highlights for each of our team members so you can get a better understanding of our company, and US! In our first installment of this series we would like to introduce Eric Petry. Eric is the Regional Sales Director over at All Storm Solutions and one of the best solution experts at our company.

Why is Eric our Regional Sales Director? Simply he gets jobs and projects like it’s his…well, job. How well? In late 2017 Eric Petry along with our company owners were invited to Las Vegas for a industry convention, and Eric was in the Top 10 Salesmen of the Year in terms of sales. He is an expert in the industry and acts as a guide for those new to the field. He is excellent at assisting new team members in learning the ropes and even the finer details. Eric is someone you want looking at your home, he is a proud American homeowner himself, and only does and recommends services/products he would use on his own home.

Eric had a busy 2017 delivering some huge projects, but the biggest accomplishment being the hard work he put into the city of Ottawa, IL. Last year Ottawa was devastated by a tornado storm on February 28th, 2017 – resulting in 7 confirmed tornadoes in the area and 10 total in the region. The results are that of any tornado that touches down, a lot of homes lost and families displaced. After the storm hit, the town got hit one more time but this time it was a herd of storm chasers, those who want to get in and out with a quick buck. It got so bad the police set up a checkpoint and only allowing only certain approved contractors to enter the town to do work, us being one of the trusted few and our Eric Petry being the one to lead the charge. Eric helped dozens of families and homes with their insurance claims, sticking with them through the entire process. Some home’s simply needed a new roof while others needed entire sections of their home rebuilt, but nevertheless Eric got it done for his homeowners. Their is still more restoration to be done and we can count of Eric to be there for those in need. Check out the video below to see some footage of the storms & tornado(es) that hit Ottawa last year.

As we enter 2018 Eric is helping the All Storms team out in the slow season train new employees and implement new strategies to tackle the new year. With the summer coming there is plenty to do and prepare for, having someone like Eric on the team helps things consistent and efficient. If you need Eric or anyone on our team to come take a look at your home this summer, don’t hesitate to contact us to get an estimate. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news and updates on the roofing industry and all things All Storm Solutions!