During the recent massive and historic storm(s) that started on June 18th in Colorado, we saw a crazy downpour of hail. In fact, they were some of the biggest storms to hit the area ever [via: The Denver Post], which means more than likely you or someone you know’s home has been damaged by this powerful hail. The baseball sized hail Colorado experienced, that hit all over the area and state and while the damaged has yet to be fully assessed – around the same time last year we experienced a similar (slightly smaller) storm that damages totaled $2.3 billion according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Baseball Sized Hail Colorado

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With the baseball sized hail Colorado has been through just now and in the past, we can work for you to find damage your insurance company may cover. We are extremely well versed and experienced with insurance claims, so give us a call if your home has any sign of damage so a Solution Specialist may get out to your property as soon as they are able. Even if you have had an adjuster out to your home that previously denied a claim or coverage it still may benefit you to have an expert estimate the damage and go back to work on your insurance company covering your home.

Check out the video below to see how crazy the hail was in some areas. This is some of the baseball sized hail Colorado has been through the past storm [via: StormChasingVideo on YouTube]: