When storms, hurricanes or tornadoes hit, bringing fierce wind, heavy rains and hail that damage and tear up roofs, property owners are left vulnerable and unsure of what to do first. Unfortunately, this is the perfect time and scenario for scammers to take advantage of their uncertainty and desire to have their roofs restored quickly. Even though many stories are told by news media and a lot of publicity has been given to this issue, each and after each storm or disaster, homeowners and even business owners fall prey to roofing scams.

Although scams can take many forms, according to various Better Business Bureaus and consumer advocates, there are a few common ones that are used more frequently by unscrupulous people, for the simple reason that they work so well.

Common Scams
One scam that is reported quite often is when roofers or roofing companies move into an area immediately after bad storms have caused extensive wind and hail damage. They seek out property owners, may pass out leaflets offering their services, or show up unannounced at the front door. They typically offer a very low price for repair or replacement of roofs. They are aware of how much insurance companies will pay in a particular area and position themselves to get business and have the claims settled quickly.

They usually repair the roofs with cheap, inferior materials and shoddy workmanship that is not the industry standard for professional roofers. The bare minimum work they do may look fine to an unsuspecting homeowner and not even leak in the beginning. By the time problems develop, the scammers are far away and doubtless working in another storm battered area. Often when property owners try to trace the roofers by company name, they find there is no such company.

Other scams take the form of door-to-door salesmen pressuring people to sign contracts, roofers who ask for half the repair or replacement money up front and those who claim they have found more damage and need additional money to complete the project after a price had been agreed upon. Some will actually tear off the roof and then demand more money to continue the work.

Check for Reputable Companies
There are several ways property owners can protect themselves from these scams. First of all, do not panic when any repair is needed. Even with widespread damage, local roofing contractors are normally able to handle the workload within a reasonable time. Temporary steps can be taken to keep water out of the property until a roof repair or roof replacement can be made with quality materials and workmanship.

When storm damage hits, contact local roofers and get a roofing estimate. Check out the company by contacting the BBB—Better Business Bureau to determine if claims have been filed against it. Other places to contact are the local Chamber of Commerce and online resources such as Angie’s List.

We at All Storm Solutions, Inc. take steps to ensure the satisfaction of our clients through professional craftsmanship and by using only quality materials. You will never be asked to make any payment before the work has begun. We have 20 years experience in the industry and take pride in our work, integrity and excellent customer service. We will work with your insurance company and ensure that our work meets city codes. When storms hit, you can have peace of mind knowing we are here to restore your home or business to pristine condition that meets or exceeds industry standards.
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