This summer has been relatively tame with bigger storms in the Chicagoland area – we have had a few large ones come through, but nothing like the massive ones from previous years. One area that did get hit pretty area was Aurora & North Aurora (and the surrounding area). If you live in this pocket Aurora area hail damage repair is likely in your future.

Even if you think your home got by with no damage – or if you don’t think any serious hail or wind storms have hit your home, it is still a great idea to have a contractor like All Storm Solutions come take a look at your home. Besides basic preventive maintenance, this will ensure any serious problems (or small ones that can lead to huge problems) are nipped in the bud right away. All Storm Solutions is the perfect company to come give you an estimate on your Aurora area hail damage repair and replacements, working directly with insurance companies and adjusters making the entire process much easier for the homeowner.

Aurora Area Hail Damage Repair

Quarter to half dollar sized hail were reported hitting North Aurora in many spots at the beginning of August. The image above is screen grab from – this site and many others like it are great resources for homeowners confirming they received damage or to check up on their home while away.

As you can see from the videos above and below that the hail that came through our areas was no joke. It rolled through and created some good patches of storm damage that was perhaps a bit overdue as we have been very light on rain this summer.

When replacing your roof because of Aurora area hail damage repair you get the opportunity to pick out whatever color you would like for your roof. The Certainteed Landmark line has a wide variety of color selections that give your home a fantastic rich and deep feeling. Take a look at our guide to those shingle colors here – and call us today if you would like a roofing expert to take a look at replacing your roof because of recent storms (or old storms!).