Replacing your windows, when necessary, is one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make. We know you care about your home as well as the people and belongings inside of it. Here are the top 7 ways you’ll benefit from replacement windows.

1. Protection From Intruders

Old windows are a like a big “OPEN” sign to burglars. They know how to spot corrosion, missing locks, and other features that indicate an easy in. Keep your family safe with new windows and rest assured that your home has the security it needs. You can choose from several different types of glass, some of which can actually stay together even if an attempt is made to shatter it. This creates an added layer of protection from intruders and an added layer of confidence in your residence.

2. Protection from UV Rays

Natural light is a beautiful element that adds warmth and atmosphere to your interiors. But did you know excessive UV rays could be to blame for fading furniture and flooring? Replacement windows can act as sunscreen for your home, giving you the proper protection you need to keep your interiors looking great. You’ll be better able to protect the investments you’ve made in your home interior.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Proper window insulation is absolutely necessary in getting the most out of your heating and cooling systems. With new windows, you’ll notice a lower cost of living throughout the year as your systems no longer have to work overtime to cover the warm or cool air that’s seeping out of old windows. While choosing replacement windows, keep energy in mind. Some brands offer multi-paned glass for added insulation.

4. Reduce Noise

One of the most notable benefits to replacement windows is noise reduction. Whether you’re in a noisy neighborhood or not, you can guarantee a serene interior environment at all times. Your home should be a safe haven and a place for rest and relaxation. During spring and summer, open your windows to hear the lovely sounds of nature around you, or rest, read, or sleep peacefully with the world shut out.

5. Maintenance

Do you clean your windows but feel like they’re never actually clean? Are you constantly “jimmy-rigging” your windows to stay open or shut? These are signs that it’s time for new, modern, durable windows. Easy-to-clean features make dusting and cleaning a breeze, which will lead to less allergens in your home and less respiratory problems among your family.

6. Curb Appeal

This is a no-brainer. It’s undeniable the drastic effect new windows have on the home in which they’re installed. Neighbors and friends will admire the new and improved visual appeal of your home. You may even be inspired to improve other aspects of your home to step up to that new standard of living. We’ve seen it before!

7. Home Value

Window replacements will give you return on project costs during resale and then some. If you purchase new, great-looking, energy-efficient windows for your home, you’re far more likely to peak the interest of prospective buyers if and when it comes time to sell.

If you’re thinking about investing in new windows, you’re probably well past due. The benefits are clear. Protect your home, your family, and your wallet with replacement windows.