5 Important Holiday Roof Lighting Safety Tips

5 Important Holiday Roof Lighting Safety Tips

As we enter the winter months we enter the season of lights! Christmas and holiday lights are everywhere – sometimes even in crazy hard to reach places. Regardless of whether you are hanging some lights on your 1st story roof or all the way up a giant evergreen, it is important to follow there 5 important holiday roof lighting safety tips.

5 Important Holiday Roof Lighting Safety Tips
  1. Safety first – secure your ladder firmly in the ground, wear gloves and a jacket, take your time – hanging lights isn’t worth getting yourself injured over. It doesn’t hurt to know your wattage limit on your exterior outlets to avoid blowing a fuse or other electrical issues.
  2. Think ahead – check the weather forecast, unbox everything, and most importantly CHECK THE LIGHTS before you hook everything up! There is nothing more frustrating then setting up your lights only to notice after everything is done that something needs replacing.
  3. Use clips, NOT nails – avoid putting holes in your roof! You want to avoid harming your roof as much as possible while hanging lights. Plastic clips are made to fasten on tightly and leave no trace behind when taken off. 
  4. Keep lights away from hazardous areas – placing lights near inflatable objects or vent areas can create various issues. Avoid letting wires bunch up or get too coiled together, inspect the line while straightening out the strands ahead of time. Try using LED lights whenever possible for a smaller eclectic bill and less heat output.
  5. Avoid stepping on roof – try to use a secured ladder as much as possible. Especially when shingles are wet you can easily slip during these cold months. Everyone knows their own capabilities so it’s your home – step at your own risk!

5 Important Holiday Roof Lighting Safety Tips

Every house is different just as every homeowner is, some homes have a steep sloped roof or some homeowners know how to navigate their roof extremely well, so use the advice at your own desecration. If you have done work on your roof or exterior of your home in the past you probably are more confident in taking some liberties in hanging lights – whereas if you are a newer homeowner and unfamiliar with your home, it may be more difficult or intimidating to tackle some of the tougher areas.

If you have difficulty putting up your lights due to age, physical limitation or anything else don’t stress! We live in the age of the internet with every service you can imagine available, look into hiring a Christmas Light Installer. If you are one of our Naperville/Chicagoland area customers we recommend Santa’s Helpers in Addison, IL – if you are one of our Denver/Westminster area customers we recommend Window Genie of Broomfield in of course, Broomfield, IL.

5 Important Holiday Roof Lighting Safety Tips

Have you put up your lights yet? Do you go big like the Griswold house or keep it simplistic and minimal? Post of photo of an All Storm Solutions roof on your home with your holiday light setup! If you are on your roof decorating your home this holiday season and notice some damage to your shingles, peeling shingles, leaking/wet spots, or anything else that looks off give All Storm Solutions a call! We can get a Solution Specialist out to you right away to asses your damage, and see if we are able to address it during the Winter months or do a minor fix until we can fully finish it in the Spring.

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