Rebuilding in Florida | Hurricane Harvey

This hurricane season has been particularly devastating for families all along the East Coast and Gulf Coast. Some areas were worse than expected and some were graced with being narrowly missed. For those who have lost the ability to stay safe in their homes – the struggle is something a lot of people are lucky to never experience. Florida seems to always be taking the majority of the damage along with New York according to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida taking the #2 spot totaling almost $5 billion in damages.

After seeing the damage and chaos in Florida we decided we not wanted, but needed to be apart of the restoration effort as well. A couple of weeks ago our company met and decided to sent some representatives down to Florida to aid in the process of getting people back to normal. As always we work around the clock to make sure your home is safe for you and your families, and this is no different. We are taking our quality work, service, and products down to Florida to be apart of this great effort to bring the people of Florida back to their homes safely.

We are working and collaborating with our typical ‘titan of industry’ partners such as State Farm Insurance, Traveler’s Insurance, local construction companies, and many more. This makes this entire process streamlined and more efficient for the customers, making this already stressful period easy and painless.

Unlike many other general contractors that come in after a storm hits, we have a network of insurance companies, suppliers, and vetted local contractors/workers that match our high standard of excellence we strive to bring at All Storm Solutions. This should be reassuring for anyone who is looking to restore their home or repair damage to their home after this storm – we are not there for a quick payday, we are there to make a difference.

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