Introducing Our New Journalist!

Introducing Jose,

There are very special days in life. Days where you recognize everyone and long lost friends smile at you in passing. Days where the sky is the perfect shade of grey and you feel as if anything is possible and everything that has remained unfathomable transforms into the attainable. Days when the mountain range of the past eclipses over the canyon of the future and the entire universe conspires to help you achieve your dreams.

My last day of high school was one of these days. This day was the day that I responded to a Facebook ad by sheer disbelief that someone was offering a journalism internship. I called in my final gym class because I knew that if I did not call right at that exact moment I would forget and it would remain as a leftover thought in my mind, eternally rolling over into the past and future simultaneously. That is how I got to this moment in time, on my porch, writing this piece to anyone who will listen.

Well, my name is Jose Ignacio Castaneda and I am a first generation Mexican immigrant who fluently speaks three languages and loves Star Wars. I know, I’m quite a mixed bag. I moved to the United States when I was six years old and I began the first grade here. I did not know any English before I arrived in the United States, but after a few months I was translating for other Spanish-speaking immigrants. I spent my junior year of high school on a Mediterranean island, off the coast of Italy,by the name of Sardinia. It was on this island that I discovered the true value of people, places, and time. I returned to the United States with a refined sense of who I was, and who I wanted to become. I began to write short stories, articles and literary pieces just for the helluva it. In order to spark inspiration for my writing I have to read…a lot. My room is filled with a collection of my favorite books from the past. These include (but are not limited to) One Hundred Years of Solitude , The Catcher in the Rye , and The Great Gatsby . If you strolled into my room you would think that both a twelve year old and a grandpa lived in it. My room is a medley of turntables, records, Beatles posters, comic books, and Back to the Future paraphernalia.

So dear reader, I hope you enjoyed my introduction and that you continue to create your own introduction, for the story of your life which will have an extravagant ending.

See you soon,
-Jose Ignacio Castaneda

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