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“The world is your oyster.” That is a phrase that is constantly being stamped into the minds of young people and regurgitated into their ears. The world is our oyster, except that the oyster is clamped shut, our arms are tied behind our back, and the oyster is across the room. Simply stated, high school graduates today do not posses the necessary tools to slash and clear the unrepentant jungle that is the real world. So, we dwell in the jungle awaiting the passage of the vindictive storm clouds above our heads. But as we peer into the grey sky we see a ray of light that bursts through the boundaries of the clouds. This ray of light coats the clouds with a silver lining, and on this silver lining the words All Storm Solutions are engraved.

All Storm Solutions stands upon the altar of twenty years of experience, and throughout these past twenty years All Storm Solutions has been caring for not only houses, but also the valued customers that live inside of them. With the wisdom of an experienced company, and the drive and innovation of a start-up, All Storm Solutions actively seeks to prepare high school and college graduates for the real world. All Storm Solutions works with over fourteen universities and colleges across the plains of Illinois. We offer a variation of internships that help assimilate graduates into their preferred field of work. We offer both part-time and full-time internships that include canvassing and sales positions. Through All Storm Solutions internships students learn, incorporate, and apply skills that are highly valued on the stock market of life. In addition to this, we work with the university of your choice to give you semester hours and credit for the hard work you put into our pragmatic internships. Working with an All Storm Solutions internship, will not only provide students with the adequate tools to clear the daunting jungle of life, but it will also provide the tools to forge a path into their luminous future.

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